Sad news today, as it has been revealed that Dublin’s alternative rock radio station will be closing down. Formally known as Phantom FM, TXFM has held its radio license since 2006 however, despite recent rebranding and restructuring of the business, they were unable to make the station commercially viable.

In October 2006, Phantom FM launch with a 10 year license from the BAI, having perviously run on temporary licences as a pirate radio station. In 2014, the station was rebranded as TXFM and was positioned to be Dublin’s alternative rock radio station. However, late last week it emerged that the owners would not be renewing the license which expires at the end of this year. This means that the station must come off the air by October, although it appears it may happen much sooner than that.

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Its closure means that six full-time employees will be made redundant but also huge disappointment for music lovers in Dublin and it surrounding areas. Fans took to twitter to convey their disappointment and despair following the news however, what can be take from this? Does this simply reflect the level of competition in the Irish radio industry or is it a more worrying sign of the general publics taste in music?

Personally, I have always been a big fan of TXFM and saw it as an escape from the generic pop music that appears to be on repeat on other stations. They offered talented presenters, such as Paul McLoone and Nialler9, who are in touch with the Irish music scene and show an appreciation for young talent. TXFM always gave you a chance to hear something new and thats what I think will be missed the most.

The exact date of the closure it not yet known, but it is unlikely to continue for much longer. Its clear that this news was a bitter pill to swallow for fans however, they are not taking it lying down. A petition to save the company has emerged on social media as well as and appears to be picking up steam. If you want want to be a part of this movement, click here and add your name to the list.


Soon after posting this, news broke that former Phantom FM boss Simon Maher made a pitch for the TXFM licence. There may still be hope to save Dublin’s favourite alternative station. I will keep you updated via Twitter as this story progresses.

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