Whether you are new to festivals or an age old veteran, if you go unprepared, you are setting yourself up for a bad time. With weather like ours its important that you bring the right gear with you to make sure you can enjoy the weekend without any major mishaps. The following list of websites and apps are ideal for festival goers with all the tools and supplies you might need. So if you are attending a festival this summer, check these out before you go.


  1. Pamper The Camper 


Every year the car park at festivals seems to be moved further and further away from the campsite. This means that you end up breaking your back lugging your weekend supply of clothes, food and beer across 3 fields in order to get there. If you are like me and refuse to put yourself through this hardship, you will definetly love this website. Pamper The Camper take the stress out of packing for festivals. Simply visit their website, select what you need, pick the festival you are attending and pick it up when you arrive. They stock everything you could ever need for a weekend of camping, from complete camping sets to accessories and toiletries, and if you don’t want to take down your tent afterwards they will donate it to charity for you. What more could you want?


2. TentFinder

Festivals can be very confusing places, especially after a few drinks. If you have just spent the whole day dancing to your favourite artists, the last thing you want to do is spend hours walking around looking for your tent. Chances are half the campsite have bought the same tent as you so your chances of picking it out of a field of thousands are very slim. Find My Tent is an app that will help you avoid this problem. When you first arrive and set up your tent, mark the location on the app. Then when the time comes to go to sleep, simply click find and it will guide you back using GPS. Search “Tent Finder” on the app store or click the link above to download.


3. Shazam

unnamedThere is nothing worse then getting home from a festival with that one song stuck in your head that you can’t find the name of. You are going to hear a lot of music over the weekend so Shazam is a must. Even if you are not connected to the internet, Shazam will record the song and save it. Next time you connect to the Internet it will search its music library and match the song with a title and artist. If you like discovering new artists and bands, download Shazam. It is a well known but very under rated app.


4. Firebox Gadgets

Screen Shot 2016-05-07 at 5.28.59 p.m.Firebox is a great online shop that stocks all the gadgets you could need for a festival. From phone charger packs to solar powered lamps and portable speakers, they have a great selection of gear for your camping weekend. One of my favourites is this Cash Stash keyring. Leaving money in your tent is never a good idea so getting yourself you of these could prevent the nightmare of losing your cash. Firebox have huge online store and offer worldwide delivery so be sure to check it out.


5. Volunteering

So you haven’t got the money for a festival ticket and the disappointment of missing your favourite band is starting to set in. Don’t worry, you still have a few options that will get you there. Many of the major festivals in Ireland look for volunteers to help set up and work throughout the weekend. You don’t get paid for this work but a few hours of your time each day will get you get a free pass to enjoy the festival. If you are lucky you will get a morning shift and will have the rest of the day off to enjoy the music. Click the images below to apply to work at some of your favourite festivals. Some are taking applications already and some will be open soon.

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